Subsoilers HEKTOR I

15. August 2023
Subsoilers HEKTOR I
The popularity of classic subsoilers is increasing

The trend of recent years is deep soil erosion. This direction is mainly determined by the condition of the land, which is becoming more and more compacted due to compaction by heavy machinery, but also often due to a lack of organic matter, and the soil begins to lose its natural properties, which affect the yields of cultivated crops. The popularity, or rather the need, of using subsoilers, which are supposed to restore at least part of the soil properties, is growing, especially in terms of aeration and water infiltration.

A machine that exactly meets the given requirements can be found in the assortment of the Czech manufacturer OPaLL-AGRI. The HEKTOR I subsoiler, which was awarded at the Techagro 2018 and Agrosalon 2019 exhibitions for its design and contribution to improving soil quality, is different from the competition in its design. The main difference is the concept of work, because unlike the previously popular so-called chisel plows, it does not mix the soil. The purpose of the operation is to lift the soil, loosen it and deposit it back in the same composition of the soil layers. This system has several advantages. The machine can be used on soils with the occurrence of stones without pulling the stones to the surface. It can be used on properties with a low topsoil profile, so it won't destroy the soil structure you've built up over the years. It can also be used on permanent grass stands, where it can break up the land without damaging the stand. However, for this operation we recommend using a disc cutter to cut the sod before the self-undermining peeler.

In addition, HEKTOR I is characterized by low traction resistance, so that, for example, a tractor with around 200 horsepower is sufficient for a 3m width.

The new product that the company is preparing is a semi-mounted version for large agricultural enterprises with powerful tractors. The semi-mounted sobsoiler is being prepared in 4.5m and 6m spans and, based on the results of prototype testing, will subsequently be put on sale.

The HEKTOR I subsoiler has an indisputable benefit for improving the properties of the soil and therefore should not be missing on your farm.