The three-row tine cultivator TRITON II is designed for a wide range of working operations from stubble cultivation to deep loosening.

Product description

The three-row tine cultivator TRITON II is designed for a wide range of working operations from stubble cultivation to deep loosening. Variable tines allow the soil to be processed at different depths with varying intensity of soil loosening. The TRITON processes the soil in the depth range of 8 – 30 cm.
  1. The main frame
  2. Deapth adjustment
  3. Back up roller
  4. The row of furrow backfilling discs
  5. Three rows of duckfoot shares

Main advantages

This variable machine for working with soil, can be used as a stubble cultivator or as a no-till field machine. Thanks to the possibility of changing working tools, we can loosen the soil in the range of 8 - 30 cm. From stubble to deep loosening. The TRITON II machine can also be used in barrier-free technology. And there is also the possibility of using GAECl standards - on erosively endangered land and on sloping terrain




Tradition of cultivators since 1995

Cultivators with spring loaded tines combine many years of experience with the use of modern production technologies

Precise processing to the smallest detail

High-quality processing ensures your long-term satisfaction and precision work

We have our own production of wear parts

Wear parts made of special abrasion-resistant steel have a long service life

Three row of coulters for perfect stubble

The location of the coulters and their working width guarantee a perfectly stubborn fielde

Simple construction without lubrication parts

The machine is easy to service thanks to the use of maintenance-free bearings

Two types of protection to secure the machine against damage

Thanks to the use of shear or spring protection, the machine is designed especially for all types of soils

Stubble cultivator and deep cultivator

By changing the working parts, the machine can be used in the working depth range of 8 to 30 cm

Choice of several types of support rollers

The machine can be equipped with 4 types of support rollers for precise post-harvest soil preparation

Hydraulic adjustment of working depth

The depth is adjusted using a hydraulic cylinder, which is included in basic equipment


The generational shift of the second-generation TRITON coulter cultivator was reflected in the new frame concept and the redesigned overload protection. Compared to the competition, the machine now excels in its pleasing design and working coulters, which can loosen the soil in the range from 8 to almost 28 centimeters. By simply reconfiguring the working part, we can also choose whether we want to sweep the field or drill deeper.



Basic equipment

  •  Mounted version
  • Working widths of 3 • 4 m
  • Shear bolt or spring mechanism protection
  • 3 rows of tines with duckfoot shares
  • Mixing levelling discs behind the duckfoot shares
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment
  • ⌀ 550 mm tube bar supporting roller
  • Double-row maintenance-free ball bearings
  • supporting roller
  • Rear reflexive plates
  • Hitch cat. ¾

Additional equipment

  • ⌀ 600 mm cracker roller
Variation – ⌀ 600 mm cracker roller

Technical parameters

Technical specifications TRITON II 3 TRITON II 4
Working width [m] 3 4
Transport width [m] 3 3
Hydraulically foldable no yes
Number of tines [pcs] 10 13
Tractor output [hp] 140 - 210 180 - 280
Weightt [kg] 1970 2820