The NEPTUN-SATURN IV is suitable, thanks to working widths of 8 or 10 m, for tractors from 210 horsepower.

Product description

The NEPTUN-SATURN IV is suitable, thanks to working widths of 8 or 10 m, for tractors from 210 horsepower. Universal tool carrier (chassis) NEPTUN is possible to connect with other machines, for example with discs harrows PEGAS II or tine cultivator MERKUR IV. According to the individual variants of the cultivating parts, a working depth of 2-12 cm can be achieved.
  1. Chassis neptun
  2. Working section carrier
  3. Front drag bar
  4. Working section
  5. Tamping part
  6. Track cultivator
  7. Side bar

main advantage of the machine

The machine is based on the main advantages of the Saturn concept, ie precise preparation of the seedbed. The cultivator can be used before sowing a wide range of crops. Thanks to the Neptun carrier, we can process fields of 8 and 10 m.



1 Tradition of plough production since 1991

The plough combine years of experience with use of modern production technologies

Precise processing to the smallest detail

High-quality processing ensures your long-term satisfaction and precision wor

Sophisticated order of working bodies

The individual working bodies are arranged so that the result of the work is a perfectly prepared seedbed

4 variants of cultivating parts

Depending on conditions at your farm, you can choose from 4 types of cultivating coulters with various overload protection

Simple adjustment of work depth

You simply adjust the coulter working depth by using the crank or hydraulics

Crosskill roller of high-strength cast iron

The crosskill roller is made of highly resistant cast iron GGG50, guaranteeing its long life and resistance to stones

Maintenance-free bearings with perfect external protection

Suitably chosen shape and systematic arrangement of safety rings and caps ensures excellent protection against dust, dirt and mechanical damage and thus secure long service life of all bearings of the machine

The adaptive sections perfectly copy the terrain

Thanks to the machine sections 1.5 or 2 m wide, the machine perfectly adapts to the terrain and leaves no untreated spots

The universal carrier Neptun-Saturn IV can be used as a carrier for other machines

By using the chassis for other types of machines, you will save a considerable amount of money when buying additional equipment


Basic equipment

  • Working widths of 8 • 10 m
  • Eradicators
  • 2 rows of flat bar supporting rollers with a diameter of 330 mm
  • 2 rows of levelling bars behind crumbling rollers
  • Loosening section according to the selected type: P, Pe, S, PR
  • Double-row maintenance-free ball bearings
  • Adjustment of the shares working depth by a crank
  • Rear reflexive plates
  • Hitch D51(39), K80

Additional equipment

  • Front drag bar
  • Hydraulic release of the levelling bar
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the shares working depth
Variation – Front drag bar
Variation – Hydraulic release of the levelling bar
Variation – Hydraulic adjustment of the shares working depth

Technical parameters

Technical specifications NEPTUN-SATURN IV NEPTUN-SATURN IV
  8 PN/H 10 PN/H
Working width [m] 8 10
Loosening depth [cm] 2 - 12 2 - 12
Number of arrow blades [ks] 32+6 40+6
Number of chisel blades [ks] 96+6 120+6
Working speed [km/h] 7 - 12 7 - 12
Transport width [m] 3 3
Size of tyres / wheels 560/45-22,5 560/45-22,5
Weight* [kg] 6960 8530
Tractor output [hp] 210 - 260 250 - 320