The NEPTUN-MERKUR IV cultivator is designed for soil cultivation after the harvest of cereals and preparation for the intercrop harvest.

Product description

The NEPTUN-MERKUR IV cultivator is designed for soil cultivation after the harvesting of cereals and preparation for harvesting of the intercrop. It is also suitable after harvesting sugar beet, corn and pre-crops when there is not enough time for classic ploughing. After harvesting it is used for stubble cultivation, ploughing in manure, straw and green fertilizers. It is possible to connect the NEPTUN universal tool carrier (chassis) with other machines such as the SATURN IV combined cultivator or PEGAS II disc harrows. The NEPTUN-MERKUR IV processes the soil within the depth range of 8 – 18 cm.
  1. Deapth adjustment
  2. Back up roller
  3. Universal tool carrier neptun
  4. Two rows of duckfoot shares
  5. The row of furrow backfilling discs

Main advantages

Double-row coulter cultivator with a working width of 8 m is predestined for tillage after harvest. The machine process the soil surface to a depth of up to 18 cm and thus makes a perfect condition for subsequent agronomic operations..



Tradition of cultivators since 1995

Cultivators with spring loaded tines combine many years of experience with the use of modern production technologies

Precise processing to the smallest detail

High-quality processing ensures your long-term satisfaction and precision work

We have our own production of wear parts

Wear parts made of special abrasion-resistant steel have a long service life

Two row of coulters for perfect stubble

The location of the coulters and their working width guarantee a perfectly stubborn field

Simple construction without lubrication parts

The machine is easy to service thanks to the use of maintenance-free bearings

Shear protection to secure the machine against damage

Thanks to the use of shear protection, the machine is designed especially for soils with a small occurrence of stones

Choice of several types of support rollers

The machine can be equipped with 4 types of support rollers for precise post-harvest soil preparation

Simple adjustment

Adjustment of the machine is very easy and takes no more than a few minutes

The NEPTUN universal carrier can be used as a carrier for other machines

By using the chassis, you will save a considerable amount of money when buying additional equipment


Basic equipment

  • Semi-mounted version
  • Working width of 8 m
  • Shear bolt or spring mechanism protection
  • Two rows of duckfoot shares
  • 80 cm underframe clearance
  • ⌀ 465 mm turning and mixing discs
  • ⌀ 550 mm tube bar supporting roller
  •  Rear reflexive plates
  • Hitch D51(39), K80

Additional equipment

  • ⌀ 600 mm cracker roller
  • ⌀ 530 mm flex roller
  • The tube bar and flat bar rollers ⌀ 400/400 mm
Variation – ⌀ 600 mm cracker roller
Variation – ⌀ 530 mm flex roller
Variation – The tube bar and flat bar rollers ⌀ 400/400 mm

Technical parameters

Technical specifications NEPTUN-MERKUR IV
Working width [m] 8
Hydraulically foldable yes
Number of duckfoot shares [pcs] 18
Number of discs [pcs] 19
Tractor output [hp] 280
Weight [kg] 5470