Tine cultivator NEPTUN-MERKUR IV

The NEPTUN-MERKUR IV cultivator is designed for soil cultivation after the harvesting of cereals and preparation for harvesting the intercrop. It is also suitable after harvesting sugar beet, corn and pre-crops, when there is not enough time for classic ploughing.
After harvesting, it is used for stubble cultivation, ploughing in dung, straw and green fertilization.
The NEPTUN universal tool carrier (chassis) can also be used to aggregate with other machines, such as the SATURN IV combined cultivator or PEGAS II discs harrows.
The NEPTUN-MERKUR IV processes the soil in the range of 8 -18 cm.


• By adjustment of the tilting angle of the ploughshares, both a flat surface of the treated soil in the case of shallow loosening, and an increased hollowing force under hard dry conditions can be achieved
• For the processing of high-grown vegetation, it is advisable to pre-arrange the plant residue plate crusher whose blades cut through long-stem material; upright vegetation is rolled simultaneously and there is no clogging
• For direct sowing of the intercrop during the loosening, the MERKUR cultivator can be combined with a corresponding sowing machine
• For precise depth adjustment and good stability, it is possible in versions with a greater width to add a machine with lateral support wheels
• Wear parts made of special abrasion-resistant steel.


     Basic equipment        

  • Aufsattel-Version
  • Arbeitsbreite 8 m
 Shear bolt or spring mechanism protection       Two rows of duckfoot shares     Clearance under the frame 80 cm   465 mm turning and mixing discs 
600 mm back-up tubular roller     Traffic sign    Hitch D51(39), K80          



Back-up rollers
- 600 mm cracker roller 

    Technical specifications



    Working width m 8
    Hydraulically foldable - yes
    Number of duckfoot shares pcs 18
    Number of discs pcs 19
    Tractor output hp 280
    Weight kg 5470