The PEGAS II disc harrows are universal tools for postharvest treatment of the soil by stubble cultivation; they can also be used in pre-sowing preparation.

Product description

The PEGAS II disc harrows are universal tools for postharvest treatment of the soil by stubble cultivation; they can also be used in pre-sowing preparation. Thanks to working widths distance up to 3 meters is PEGAS II designed for tractors from 110 horsepower. Widths of 8 and 10 m can be found in the combination NEPTUN-PEGAS II. The PEGAS II disc harrows are manufactured with rubber impact absorbers for protection of the discs and thanks to a 520 mm disc diameter they can process soil up to a depth of 13 cm.
  1. The main frame
  2. Front row of discs
  3. Back row of discs
  4. Back up roller

main advantage of the machine

The unique position of discs ensures a precise condition in combination with low tensile strength. The traction requirements are reduced and also fuel consumption worked per hectare is decreased. You can find 8 and 10 m shots in the NEPTUN-PEGAS II combination.




Tradition of agricultural machinery production since 1995

Disc harrows combine years of experience with the use of modern production technologies

Precise processing to the smallest detail

High-quality processing ensures your long-term satisfaction and precision work

Prototype testing under the most demanding conditions

Before launching into the market, the machine has been tested under the toughest conditions to develop a truly precise assistant for your farm

Unique angle of disk positioning

Disc positioning angle allows for higher work speed while maintaining low power consumption and excellent work quality

Simple design without lubricating points

The machine is easy to maintain due to maintenance-free bearings

Choice of three types of back-up rollers

For optimal work in your conditions, you can choose from tubular, flex or cracker rollers

Maintenance-free bearings with perfect external protection

Suitably chosen shape and systematic arrangement of safety rings and caps ensures excellent protection against dust, dirt and mechanical damage and thus ensures long service life of all bearings of the machine

Securing rubber cylinders secured against sliding out

The rubber cylinders are fixed mechanically in the unit with rubber stoppers

We have our own production of wear parts

Wear parts made of special abrasion-resistant steel have a long service life


PEGAS II disc harrows have taken over the Czech market and sell very well in virtually all shots provided. Both the smallest three-meter shots for tractors with an output of approx. 100 hp, as well as large-width eight-meters and ten-meters versions, which are designed for our NEPTUN tool carriers.


Basic equipment

  • Basic equipment
  • Mounted version
  • Working widths of 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 m
  • Two rows of 520 mm diameter discs
  • Rubber impact absorbers secured against slide-out
  • Double-row maintenance-free ball bearings
  • ⌀ 550 mm tube bar supporting roller
  • Rear reflexive plates
  • Hitch cat. 3

Additional equipment

  • ⌀ 600 mm cracker roller
  • ⌀ 600 mm u-ring roller
  • ⌀ 515 mm rubber roller
  • Set of weights – 330 kg
  • ⌀ 530 mm flex roller
Variation – ⌀ 600 mm cracker roller
Variation – ⌀ 600 mm u-ring roller
Variation – ⌀ 515 mm rubber roller
Variation – Set of weights – 330 kg
Variation – ⌀ 530 mm flex roller

Technical parameters

 Technical parameters PEGAS II
Working width [m] 3 4 5 6
Transport width [m] 3 3 3 3
Hydraulically foldable no yes yes yes
Number of discs [pcs] 24 32 40 48
Disc diamter [mm] 520 520 520 520
Tractor outpute [hp] 110 150 190 230
Weight - without se of weights [kg] 1460 - 1610 2300 - 2530 2680 - 2960 3060 - 3380
Weight - with set of weights [kg] 1790 - 1940 2630 - 2860 3010 - 3290 3390 - 3710