VESTA is a combined machine designed for pre-sowing seed bed preparation.

Product description

VESTA I is a cultivator combining working bodies for leveling and loosening the land. It is intended for pre-sowing preparation, while its great advantage is excellent permeability thanks to the optimal distribution of working organs. Unlike classic compactors with crushing rollers, it excels when working even in wet conditions. Fully hydraulic, comfortable control of both skids, working depth and folding for transport will be especially appreciated by the operator. The robust frame with support wheels on swing axles ensures excellent stability and terrain tracking. This machine will find its application in all agricultural operations.
  1. drawbar
  2. eradicators
  3. front hydraulically operated leveling tines
  4. 4 rows of flexible tines with reversible chisels
  5. depth and transport wheels
  6. rear mechanically operated leveling tines
  7. spring tines

The main advantage of the machine

The machine can be used in wet conditions, i.e. even after rains or in early spring. It can be used for the so-called opening of the spring, when classic combined cultivators cannot be used due to sticking of the cylinders.

Why should you choose VESTA I machine?

CultivAtor VESTA I

The VESTA I cultivator is a machine designed for soil preparation before sowing in significantly wetter conditions than a classic compactor with crushing rollers is capable of working in. Thanks to the ingenious arrangement of the working organs, the machine has excellent throughput, which prevents the machine from clogging and at the same time levels, loosens and plows the land in the entire profile. In agricultural parlance, we could call this type of cultivator a machine for "opening the spring", when the land treated with one pass dries out faster, which shortens the time for subsequent sowing.


Basic equipment

  • 4 rows of flexible tines with reversible chisels
  • eradicators
  • front hydraulically operated levelling tines
  • rear mechanically operated levelling tines
  • spring tines

Technical parameters

Technical parameters VESTA I
Working width [mm] 6000
Transport width [mm] 3000
 Transport height [mm] 3200
Lenght of the machine [mm] 7260
Working depth [mm] 0 - 100
Number of tines (+eradicators) [pcs] 77 (+4)
Tines spacing [mm] 80
Number of tines rows [pcs] 4
Release force [kg] variable
Working power [ha/h] 8 - 10
Tractor output [HP] 180 - 270
Working speed [km/h] 8 - 15
Maximum transport speed [km/h] 30
Number of hydraulicall circuits / pressure [bar] 4 / 200
Number of hydraulic couplings / type 8 / ISO 12,5
Weight [kg] 3600
Axle load [kg]  3365