Ploughs OPaLL-AGRI

4. September 2023
Ploughs OPaLL-AGRI

Number one on the Czech market of mounted and semi-mounted plows

The OPaLL-AGRI company will enter this year's autumn plowing season with a comprehensive range of plows that will meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. As the company's commercial director Petr Jedlička stated, years of development and testing have now been fully reflected in the company's portfolio, especially in the product line of mounted and semi-mounted plows. And the fact that the OPaLL-AGRI brand became the market leader in the sale of plows in the territory of the Czech Republic in 2023 also testifies to the fact that the new plows clearly attracted the attention of customers.

And what are the names of the mentioned new machines? The representative of the large mounted plows is the APOLLO I 140, which replaced the sales-successful JUPITER II 140 type, while semi-mounted plows are represented by the second generation of the ORION type, the ORION II 180.

So what are the main advantages of the new machines? The main change is a completely new concept and the direction the company is taking. Plows from Opava can easily withstand comparison with renowned foreign competition, which they surpass in many ways thanks to practical details.

You can read what has changed on the plows in the attached table, however, the main selling points are undoubtedly the hydraulic accessories, which significantly increase the comfort of the operator.

Main frame 140x140x10 mm 180x180x10 mm 180x180x10 mm
Plowing in the furrow Yes Yes Yes
Plowing outside the furrow No No Yes
Building system 4+1/5+1 6+1/7+1/8+1 6+1/7+1/8+1
Mechanical width adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Hydraulic width adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Shear bolt protection Yes Yes Yes
Spring protection Yes Yes Yes
Hydropneumatic protection Yes Yes Yes
Hydraulic depth adjustment No Yes Yes

Hydraulic engagement adjustment, the so-called VARIO system enables a smooth change of the engagement of the plowing body within a given range, and thus also indicates the overall engagement of the ploughs. In this way, the user can level the furrow, plow through atypical soil blocks better or optimize the traction power of the tractor when plowing in hills.

Hydropneumatic protection enables correction of the pressure adjustment in the system securing the plow using the tractor pump, which the operator will use especially when plowing land with different types of soil. In addition, the entire plow body holder enables so-called 3D movement, i.e. oscillation in the vertical and horizontal planes. Setting the optimal pressure takes a few seconds and the operator can monitor everything on the practical manometers. We say in the plural because the first and other securing units can be pressurized separately, which enables optimal loading of the first plow blade. We can thus set the working pressure of the units in the range of 1.3 - 2.7 t per blade.

Hydraulic system for plowing outside the furrow it is used for the ORION II OL type and enables the plow to be aggregated with crawler or wide wheel tractors. The design solution also made it possible to plow in the furrow, which you will appreciate, for example, in the event of a failure of the assigned traction device and aggregation with a smaller wheeled tractor.

In conclusion, let us add that the company OPaLL-AGRI is well prepared for this season, so do not hesitate to contact its salesperson and get to know the new generation of plows of this Czech manufacturer.